Direct Linen

Direct Linen is an award winning company from the Salford Business Awards of 2010 achieving Runner Up Awards in both Technology and Innovation, as well as nominations in the International Trade Award and the prestigious Business of the year award. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality table linen in the UK supplying at extremely competitive prices due to our low cost base.



We operate out of two factories, one in Salford, Greater Manchester and one in Miles Platting, Manchester, delivering nationwide and distributing to anywhere in the UK with an ever growing market to Europe and beyond.

Our Products

To meet our orders and to maintain our reputation for fast delivery, we utilise our capacity from our two operational bases to stock thousands of meters of linen from a wide range of materials (plain and non-plain) in a generous selection of colours and shades. We offer several 100% Polyester table linen products which feel like cotton with the resilience of Polyester and stock hundreds of metres of Polycotton and many sizes of cotton tablecloths and napkins. We also stock hundreds of metres of table protector (table shield and table guardian) now available in several colours and can be cut to any size to the satisfaction of our customers. Sample swatches are available on request which can be placed online or by email.


We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor products to meet the specific needs of customers by customising tablecloths, napkins, runners, chair covers and sashes to individual customer requirements. Our websites, now in multiple languages allow us to serve many nations, with on-line facilities for customers to specify precise measurements and by also offering table linen sizing guides. Our high tech equipment also utilises 3D printing to aid the production of our linen related plastic products. We are also continuously developing our range of products, holding two granted patents with a third patent pending.


We utilise high tech sophisticated machinery to satisfy batch production of table linen in high quantities to meet the demanding delivery requirements of our customers. We have a proven track record in meeting the needs of the hospitality industry with exceptional reliability.

Our Customers

We provide customers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds including hotels, restaurants, cafés, schools, universities, city councils, charities, religious institutes, the public sector and of course the general public through our direct marketing on the Internet. In addition to this, we supply major clients and have a strong established reputation in the market. We value our customer relationships and strive to continuously offer high quality products at a price that will always be affordable.


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